Come check out our massive high quality nickle free jewelry collection. Using state of the art sterilization techniques and best practice procedures, we are Thunder Bay’s best and safest choice for custom piercing. We have always sold high quality, high polish, hypoallergenic, implant grade, stainless steel, niobium and titanium jewelry at reasonable/fair prices.

There are three professional piercers;


Elizabeth’s 23 years experience in the oral surgery and dentistry healthcare industry, made her transition to piercing 13 years ago,  very easy


15 years experience, lousy people skills but great attention to detail. Qualified Laser technician( can help remove your facial wrinkles)


And last but not least,


Zack ( 24 years old)

Did his first piercing at 15 years old, and has been piercing steadily for the last 5 years.Great people skills


at Central Body Art.

To book your appointment for a piercing please call us at (807) 345-1106 or email us with any questions or concerns. Our Hours of operation are: 11 am to 7 pm,  Monday to Friday.  11 am. to 5 pm on Saturday.

Walk ins Welcome Tuesday to Saturday 11:30 am to 6:30 pm

Body Piercing Aftercare

A normal piercing may be tender, itchy and slightly red or bruised for a week. It may secrete a whitish-yellow which crusts on the jewelry. This is not puss; it is blood plasma, lymph and dead cells and is perfectly normal.

Initial Healing Comments

Everyone heals at a different rate. We recommend leaving your initial jewelry in for 2-6 months (the longer the better).
For ear, nose, naval, nipple, eyebrow, septum and bridge piercings, the approximate healing time is usually about 2-3 months.

Cleaning My Piercing

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap (for about 15 seconds) before handling your piercing. Sea Salt Soaks are recommended, once  or twice daily, for the first  2 weeks: Add 1 fourth of a teaspoon of sea salt crystals to 1 cup of boiling water, Stir until the crystals dissolve.

Emerge your whole piercing in the cup for 7-10 minutes . If the piercing is in an area that you aren’t able to submerge in a cup, use clean paper towel to make a compress. After the sea salt soak, rinse the piercing well with clean warm water, be sure any remaining sea salt is removed.

Near the end of your  shower, remove any excess crust or matter from your piercing. Wash the area with an antibacterial soap carefully turning the ring. Dial antibacterial, Spectrogram, Lever 2000 Liquid Antibacterial and Almay Hypo care Antibacterial are some examples.

Taking a once a day multi-vitamin with zinc and vitamin C can help the healing process along with healthy eating. Change your bed sheets and pillowcases regularly.

If you have pets, do not allow them in your sleeping area as the pet dander can greatly increase the chances of infection and slow down your healing.

Things to Avoid and Note

– Never touch or play with your piercing
– Never adjust, turn or remove any crust or matter without soaking it first
– Always wash your hands before doing anything to your piercing
– Avoid hot tubs, pools and lakes
– Keep pet hair away from your piercing!

Common Problems Include:

– Over Cleaning
 – Friction caused by tight or heavy clothing 
 – Stress, poor diet or illness can lengthen healing time.

Signs of Infection

– Redness and swelling.
– Sensation of heat at the piercing site.
– Pain, either throbbing or spreading.
– Discharge appearing as yellowish, greenish or gray in colour.

Treatment of Infection

– Administer a wipe or spray of  3% diluted hydrogen peroxide  to your piercing, followed by a thorough rinsing of the area with antibacterial soap and water .
– If infection persists contact your piercer, or a doctor (who will probably prescribe an oral antibiotic).


These guidelines are based on a combination of professional experience, common sense, research and clinical practice. 
This is not to be considered a substitute for medical advice from a doctor. 
Be aware however that many doctors have no training or experience regarding piercing and may not be educated on how to best assist you.

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